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Residential Loans

MEXLend offers the best residential loans in Mexico–the entire country–whether it be Los Cabos, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Manzanillo, Loreto Bay, Mazatlan or anywhere on the interior. We also have different types of financing available to best suit your needs. Currently, we have two primary paths of mortgages for all nationalities buying in Mexico:

MEXLend’s exclusive US Dollar Loan Program

For all nationalities purchasing vacation homes in Mexico. This program can also be used for Cash out Refinancing if you already own your home and would like to become more liquid by accessing your equity. Fast approvals and faster closings.

Peso Loans through Mexican banks

Available for ALL foreigners buying a home in Mexico, provided that they obtain a migratory visa and establish banking and credit history in Mexico. Let MEXLend guide you through the process.

NOTE: While the interest rates are higher than many are used to paying, the interest rate can be tax deductible.

US Dollar Loan Program – Purchase & Cash out – US Dollar – NO VISA – VERY Fast Approvals

These loans can be obtained by any nationality and are available for small commercial ventures and corporations as well.

NOTE: Cash out refinancing up to 50% of value.

Mexican Bank Peso Loans – Purchase only – MX Pesos – Mexican VISA, Banking and Credit History required

There are no pre-payment penalties for any of these loans, so it may be wise to purchase with the US Dollar alternative and work with MEXLend to get you qualified for a MX peso loan down the road.

At this point, for a Mexican Bank Peso Mortgage, Clients MUST either have or begun the process to obtain a Tarjeta de Residencia, before we can SUBMIT the loan.

Mexican nationals living abroad

If you are living in the USA or Canada and would like to buy a property back home in Mexico, we have the perfect mortgage for you.

For the first time, you can get a loan for your purchase in Mexico using your income and credit from the US or Canada.

This is perfect for Dual National Clients: Mexican/USA or Mexican/Canadian and Mexican clients living and working abroad.

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