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About Mexico

If you are reading this, you have fallen in love with the magic that is Mexico and its rich cultural heritage and wonderful people. In fact, when asked “Why Mexico?” by friends and family the most repeated response is simple… “the people.”

We won’t go into the fascinating details of the evolution of the history and culture of Mexico on this page, but there are very pertinent facts that you should know as they pertain to your investment.

The Mexican economy has been extremely stable for many years and in fact, they are one of the top 10 economies in the world. The Mexican people are rightfully proud of their emergence onto the world scene and you can be assured that there are no foreseeable changes in the future.

The advent of NAFTA in 1993 has been the driving force behind this economic miracle by opening Mexico up to foreign investment and stabilizing their currency.

Having come through the crisis, real estate investments in Mexico have been showing returns comparable to the hottest markets in the U.S. and Canada. Mexico is going strong.

Why is the Mexican real estate market bucking the trend of its northern neighbors?

Perhaps the strongest factor in this phenomenon is the fact that while prices for real estate are climbing in Mexico, they are still affordable.

Mexico’s resort areas rank among the finest in the world and the Mexican government is committing vast resources into the infrastructure of these areas to ensure that they continue to attract investment.


Getting to Mexico is very easy for both from the United States and Canada. Most major cities offer non-stop flights directly to major tourist areas and there are more being added every year.

The “boomer” generation

The enormous amount of accumulated wealth by the boomer generation has never been matched. Today’s U.S. citizens and Canadians are much more adventurous than their predecessors. Instead of settling for Florida many are investing their real estate dollars in Mexico.

Few people can resist the magic of Mexico and now that financing is available, it is much more attainable for all.


Residential Loans

MEXLend offers the best residential loans in Mexico--the entire country--whether it be Los Cabos, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Manzanillo, Loreto Bay, Mazatlan or anywhere on the interior. We also have different types of financing available to best suit your needs. Currently, we have two primary paths of mortgages for all nationalities buying in Mexico...

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Commercial Loans

MEXLend has large international funds as well as Mexican banking entities that fund projects throughout Mexico. MEXLend is in the unique position to offer this financing throughout Mexico and these loans are not limited to real estate development, but have included oil industry, and infrastructure projects as well...

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For Realtors and Developers

We have created this page specifically for the realtors and developers interested in increasing their sales by offering financing to their clients. Developers Solution Program--an innovative plan in which you can offer your clients a US Dollar mortgage for under 10% interest. Our team will work with you to implement this financing, which can also be PRE CONSTRUCTION!...

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